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Parental Statement of Cooperation

  • I understand that my child(ren)'s attendance at Westdale Christian School is a privilege and not a right. Therefore, if, in the opinion of the school administration, my child's conduct, academic progress, or cooperation with the school standards are in question, I understand they have the right to review and/or terminate my child's status at Westdale.

  • I promise to provide any information on record regarding my child(ren)'s health or medical history that might have a bearing on my child(ren)'s ability to function within the normally prescribed routine of Westdale. I will provide a written record of health information and problems if requested.

  • I understand Westdales's effort to train my child(ren) using Biblical principles for conduct, speech, relationships, and submitting to authority. I accept that my child will be educated from a Christian perspective and in a Christian learning environment.

  • I pledge my complete support to Westdale in its effort to develop my child(ren) in keeping with the standards of conduct Westdale sets for itself. I promise to honour the authority I delegate to Westdale for training my child(ren), and do nothing to undermine the system of maintaining school and classroom order that is in place at Westdale.

  • I agree to fulfill all obligations regarding parent orientation, parent meetings, and fees that may occur throughout the school year. As well, I commit to working with the staff at Westdale in regard to school work (both in class and at home) being done on time and properly.

  • I commit to working out any potential conflict with Westdale. I understand my child(ren)'s perspective on any issue may be subjective and biased. Therefore, I will always value the fact that Westdale staff may have information regarding my child(ren)'s performance and/or conduct that differs from my child(ren)'s perspective of the situation, or my understanding of the facts.

  • I understand the at Westdale Christian School uses a personal, individualized, and adaptive learning curriculum, and as such, may require my child(ren) to be tested to see if there are any learning gaps. If learning gaps are present, I understand that my child(ren) may be required to fill in these gaps before they continue in their current grade material.

  • I have read and understand the guidelines and requirements set out in the Westdale Christian School handbook. I am commmited to supporting Westdale Staff in following these criteria.

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