Looks like a school.

Feels like a family.

Every student that walks into our school is cared for and valued. Our teachers invest, give, and dedicate their time to seeing their students achieve success.

Westdale Christian School is a Qualified Independent School registered under the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. As such, our curriculum has been approved as following all Saskatchewan Curriculum Standards.

Our Mission

To see Christian education accessible for all children in all walks of life.

We accomplish this by providing a quality education to students in the inner city of Saskatoon without charging a tuition.

Our Vision

To see every child succeed in education, helping them accomplish what God has called them to do.

We want to see children succeed no matter what their background is, and become someone that serves God and their community.

Our Values

We have a set of six core values that make up the DNA of our school.

We believe every child deserves to be loved and appreciated for who they are and for who God has made them to be.

We believe God has a plan and purpose for every child.

We believe that every child should be able to learn according to their own needs and abilities.

We believe in affordable Christian education for everyone.

We believe in a small student to teacher ratio, ensuring each child has excellent care and attention.

We believe that education can be more than a school — it can be a family.

Our Team

Our fully qualified staff are dedicated and passionate about teaching.

Jennifer Link
Nicole Melnychuk
Carolyn Naylor
Angela Miller
Educational Assistant